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The Great Plague of London - By: Zara and Giulia


The Great Plague of London Mindmap
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The Great Plague of London - By: Zara and Giulia
  1. Causes
    1. The fleas bit the gerblils infecting them
      1. The gerbils traveled to different places infecting the other animals, allowing these animals to pass on the disease
        1. The animals would bite the humans and therefore pass on the disease in which they were carrying
          1. The disease would spread usually by contact so if an animal was infected and made contact with a human they would catch the disease
      2. London at the time was very dirty at the time
        1. This was a perfect home for the existing gerbils but it was also attracting other rats.
          1. The human would then spread it by coughing or touching
          2. Not only gerbils were attracted to this kind of place however the fleas were also attracted and most of them were carrying the virus.
            1. The fly's would then touch the humans and infect them
        2. England's Reactions
          1. Clothing
            1. Doctors or some of the rich would wear long dresses to stop the infection getting to them and to prevent making contact or being bitten by a mosquito. They would also wear a beak to prevent catching the virus, and they would cover their head for the same reason. Some doctors would have a stick to hit the patient as they believed it would send the plague away.
              1. Some doctors would have a stick to hit the patient as they believed it would send the plague away.
            2. England stop importing and exporting goods with any countries as they were scared they could infect the world
              1. Whoever caught the plague would be locked in their house with their family and made to starve
                1. Across the door a red cross would be painted as a warning to the public
              2. Impacts
                1. Symptons
                  1. Swellings under armpits and groins
                    1. Swelling spread enlarge to the size of an apple or egg
                      1. Black or red spots appear
                        1. Pain all over the body and a rash
                          1. Patient feels tired and has difficulties to sleep
                            1. physical appearance changes and patient slowly dies
                  2. 15% of the population died
                    1. It killed over 100,000 people
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