Initial Idea Development - Experimental live performance

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Initial ideas mind map

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Initial Idea Development - Experimental live performance
1 Musicians
1.1 Expand on current group (hybrid drummer, electric guitar, lead vocals + keys with backing track)
1.1.1 Group of vocalists to replicate use of layered vocals Rearrange current original tracks to work for many voices
1.2 Interchangeable instrumentalists and multi-instrumentalists
1.3 Stage movements and presence
2 Set material Ideas and writing for live
2.1 A cappella arrangements of current original songs
2.1.1 Vocal cannon
2.2 Looping
2.2.1 Minimalism
2.3 Experimental vocal techniques
2.4 Dark/haunting aesthetic
2.4.1 Minor key
2.4.2 Dissonance
2.4.3 Sharpened 7th
2.4.4 Tritone
3 Instrumentation
3.1 Acoustic/electronic hybrid
3.1.1 Manipulation of acoustic instrumentation Live sampling Ableton triggers
3.1.2 Research non-commercial acoustic instrumentation
3.2 Vocal focused
3.3 Performer controlled effects
4 Staging and costume
4.1 Coordinating costumes
4.2 Distinctive look - must be coherent with aesthetic of the music)
4.2.1 Mask
4.3 Utilising stage space - using more movement
4.4 Lighting/projections - music be coherent with aesthetic of the music)
4.4.1 Using previously released videos for projection usage
5 Track listing and importance of captivating an audience
5.1 Is the track list dynamic? Does it run smoothly? Does it withhold an audience's attention?
5.2 Exploring experimental performance without loosing an audience's attention
5.3 Portraying a heightened level of emotion
6 Venue and promotion
6.1 Choosing a venue - must be coherent with aesthetic of the music
6.1.1 Dark, moody, mysterious, hidden, gloomy
6.1.2 'Secret' location
6.2 Generating an audience
6.2.1 Utilising social media for promotional purposes
6.2.2 Posters and flyers
6.2.3 Hiring a PR team

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