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marketing communications planning and plans


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marketing communications planning and plans
  1. marketing communications campaing:
    1. the performance and integration of all promotional marketing communications activities into a programme desing to archive interrelated goals
    2. marketing communications plan
      1. document that summarises the main issues and details of marketing communications activities, including relevant background information and marketing communications decisions
      2. tools of the marleting
        1. advertissing
          1. PR
            1. sponsorship
              1. direct marketing
                1. telemarketing
                  1. press information
                    1. internal communications
                      1. sales promotions
                        1. exhibitions
                          1. salesforce communications
                            1. distributor communications
                              1. ratail support
                                1. point-of-sale
                                  1. product and technical information
                                    1. corporate indentity
                                      1. corporate communications
                                        1. relationship marketing
                                        2. dealer customer direct marketing
                                          1. existing dealership customers who fit the consumer profile for the new model are mailed with an information pack and video which explain the concept of value for money. as an incitive to take a test drive, they are offered a choice of free motoring accesories, further reinforcing the conceot of value for money
                                            1. dealership launch material
                                              1. to ensure that the network is fully committed to the new programmme each dealership receives a detalled product briefing and launch pack at a series of regional business meeting
                                                1. dealership promotional materia
                                                  1. posters, display modules and other point-of-sale material reinforce the messages of the consumer advertising campaing within the dealership. an audio describing how dealership service helps to maintain low cost of ownership through scheduled servicing and competitive parts and repair costs is given to every consumer who buys a new car
                                                    1. aftersales service
                                                      1. a series of direct marketing programmes is used to maintain contact with customers and reinforce the concept of value for money after the sale
                                                        1. summary
                                                          1. the campaing ensures that there are no weak links in communication between the manufacturer and the customer. the impact of the consumer capaing could hace been wasted if it had not been followed up effectively at dealership level.
                                            1. the marketing comunications plan
                                              1. situational analysis: research and analysis
                                                1. organisacional analysis
                                                  1. competitor analisys
                                                    1. consumer analysis
                                                      1. market alnalysis
                                                        1. product analysis
                                                        2. determine marketing communications targets: audiences
                                                          1. it is self-evident that customers or potential customers should be a focus of attention but, sometimes, this blinds us to the fact that very many more audiences may need to be selected.
                                                          2. setting budget allocations, making resources available: budgets
                                                            1. summary of the resource requirement for campaing management including men (personnel requirements), money (financial requirements), and minutes (timing requirements).
                                                            2. setting objectives: objetives
                                                              1. specific
                                                                1. measurable
                                                                  1. achievable
                                                                    1. realistic
                                                                      1. relevant
                                                                        1. targeted
                                                                          1. timed
                                                                          2. strategic decision-making: tactis
                                                                            1. brand values
                                                                              1. unique selling proposition
                                                                                1. competitive positioning
                                                                                  1. competitive activity
                                                                                  2. operational decision-making: tactics
                                                                                    1. the tactics section of the planning process details the specific activities and events that are going to be undertaken to address the objectives.
                                                                                    2. campaing management: implementation and action
                                                                                      1. campaing evaluation: control
                                                                                        1. retail sales
                                                                                          1. direct sales
                                                                                            1. claimed consumer behavior
                                                                                              1. consumer buying behavior
                                                                                                1. perceptions/ image of brand
                                                                                                  1. attitude to brand
                                                                                                    1. attiudet to/ comunication of advesiting
                                                                                                      1. awareness of brand
                                                                                                        1. recall of advertising
                                                                                                          1. exposure to advertising
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