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Story board for my game


story board
Mind Map by s45310830, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by s45310830 over 6 years ago

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Story board for my game
  1. Type of game
    1. Action game
      1. Platformer
      2. Horror game
      3. 2D/3D
        1. What dimentions the game is in
          1. Limitations
          2. Software
            1. Unreal
              1. Photoshop
                1. Unity
                  1. Stencyl
                    1. Game maker
                      1. Crazybump
                      2. Art style
                        1. Steampunk
                          1. 8 bit
                            1. Cyberpunk
                              1. cell shader
                        2. Assets
                          1. Backgrounds
                            1. Tile sets/ 3D models
                              1. What is the game about
                          2. Story/Objective
                            1. What the story about
                              1. Objective to do or find in the game
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