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Themes: 'Never Let Me Go'- Ch.10


A min dmap to show the themes of Chapter ten in the novel Never Let Me Go
Bea Wilding
Mind Map by Bea Wilding, updated more than 1 year ago
Bea Wilding
Created by Bea Wilding over 6 years ago

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Themes: 'Never Let Me Go'- Ch.10
    1. They learn skills that will be useful in later life
      1. Driving
        1. Passing time
        2. Interpersonal relationships
          1. Ruth mimics those on TV
            1. Kathy fears her wants
              1. "how well you were coping was refllected by how many books you'd read"
              2. "the remains of a farm that had gone out of business years ago"
              3. FRIENDSHIP
                1. Ruth copying mannerisms
                2. IDENTITY
                  1. Kathy reads novels to try and understand herself
                    1. '"poplar"- Used to show how short their lives are
                      1. "Even Ruth looked daunted"
                        1. "If you had told me that within a year [..] I'd start taking long solitary walks, [..] I'd have thought you were mad
                        2. REAL WORLD
                          1. Not being behind walls
                            1. The Hailsham Students are shocked at the nonchalance with which students leave 'the Cottages'
                              1. What to expect
                                1. No guidance
                                2. FREEDOM
                                  1. Being able to leave whenever
                                    1. some restrictions
                                      1. "provided we were back by day"
                                        1. " and the time we entered into Keffer's ledgerbook"
                                      2. No guardians
                                        1. "a few of us even tried to think of Keffers as a guardian, but he was having none of it"
                                          1. They miss the parental safety and protection they had before
                                        2. No rules
                                          1. The students have not experienced this before
                                            1. "going off for two or three days at a time with what seemed to us scary nonchalance"
                                          2. FEAR OF RUTH
                                            1. Trying to fit in
                                              1. Ruth not letting Kathy and Tommy be together
                                                1. Ruth acting as though she knows everything
                                                  1. "We'd always move about together and seemed to spend large parts of the day akwardly standing outside the farmhouse, not kowing what to do
                                                    1. "'Oh Kathy, the great expert on real families'"
                                                      1. "'we've agreed, he shouldn't hold me back'"
                                                      2. "As though she expected people to be really grateful for her asistence"
                                                        1. "she was always the one who pretended to have finished anything anyone happened to be reading|"
                                                          1. "I saw a gleam come into Ruth's eyes"
                                                            1. "I suppose you haven't been that slow making friends with at least some of the veterans"
                                                          2. FEELING LOST
                                                            1. No one understands what is happening
                                                              1. "he gave us a moody glance"
                                                              2. they pick up things from other people
                                                                1. Moving on
                                                                  1. small society
                                                                    1. Separation
                                                                      1. transition
                                                                        1. development
                                                                          1. helplessness
                                                                            1. isolation
                                                                              1. "we rarely stepped beyond the confines of the Cottages"
                                                                              2. Leaving Hailsham
                                                                                1. l"ike when you draw friend and its almost quite night but not quite, and the face on the sheet gives you the creeps"
                                                                                2. The essay and books help them to cope with their isolation
                                                                                  1. "and I find I'm thinking about my essay"
                                                                                    1. "It was like we were clinging to our essay, this last task from Hailsham"
                                                                                      1. "it was a farewell gift from the guardians
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