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Steven's Life Changing Events


Mind Map on Steven's Life Changing Events, created by William Naftzger on 11/19/2015.
William Naftzger
Mind Map by William Naftzger, updated more than 1 year ago
William Naftzger
Created by William Naftzger over 6 years ago

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Steven's Life Changing Events
  1. Jeffery gets cancer
    1. I know this because on page 36 it says" But he's . . . really . . .sick. And this was the absolute worst thing aout my October 7th,..." Which means this was really bad and it's going to affect the family
      1. Also on page 43 it states" Younger son allegebly gets cancer. Mom quits job." Which means this is so serious his mom has to quit her job in order to take care of Jeffery.
        1. On page 44 it states" I started crying, but when my mom started coming over to hug me, I ran upstairs for bed. This means Steven was so Dramatized by this situation he started to cry.
        2. When they realize Jeffrey's survival rate is a little more than 50%.
          1. This changes Steven's life because he might lose his brother.
            1. This would also really affect his family by depression.
            2. After Steven meets Samantha she dies
              1. On page 268 Steven says"Oh,God. Now I would always have two pairs of special sticks."This shows that she was so special they are just as important if not more important to him than his other special sticks.
                1. On page 232 it says"stay with your brother, Steven stay with him. No matter what you do. Do you promise? This shows that she made him appreciate Jeffrey more
                2. The band does a fund raiser for the Alper family
                  1. On page 265 it states" TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE DOLLARS AND SEVENTEEN CENTS." Which is almost enough to pay for the hospital bills
                    1. On page 162 it states" 1.My family is plunging into poverty." Which means without the money they could not have enough for other important things like college.
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