1.1.1 Healthy Active Lifestyle

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3 benefits of the healthy active lifestyle

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1.1.1 Healthy Active Lifestyle
  1. DEFINITION: A lifestyle that contributes positively to physical, mental and social wellbeing and includes regular exercise and physical activity.
      1. contributes to good physical health
        1. Physical challenge
          1. Increase Fitness
            1. Improves performance
              1. Improves any of the health related exercise factors: Cardiovascular Fitness / Muscular Strength / Muscular Endurance / Flexibility / Body Composition
              2. SOCIAL
                1. Mix with Others
                  1. Make new friends
                    1. Meet current friends
                      1. Develop Teamwork/cooperation
                        1. Work with others
                        2. MENTAL
                          1. Relieve and/or prevent stress and tension
                            1. Mental Challenge
                              1. Increase self-esteem and confidence
                                1. Help the individual feel good
                                  1. Contribute to enjoyment of life
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