Globalization and me

Lisa Müller9503
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Lisa Müller9503
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Mind Map on Globalization and me, created by Lisa Müller9503 on 11/19/2015.

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Globalization and me
  1. food
    1. having a dinner at ans italian dinner
      1. sushi
        1. McDonals, Subways, Burger King,...
          1. Starbucks
            1. hot chocolate from columbia
            2. brands
              1. produced in China, Vietnam, Mexico, ...
                1. Hollister, A&F, American Eagle, Nike,...
                2. internet
                  1. social networks
                    1. facebooks, twitter, ...
                      1. connecting people everywhere
                      2. hearing music that is influenced by Hollywood and that is popular to the rest of the world
                        1. hearing media landscape that reaches people all around the globe in a matter of seconds
                          1. hearing news on BBC radio
                          2. industry
                            1. driving a Japanese car
                              1. my alarm clock is made in china
                              2. All in all a quick glance at the "Made in" tags of my/our watches, jackets, backpacks or my/our other items demonstrate us that globalization is everywhere.
                                1. language
                                  1. English is the world language
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