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Wendy de StvPaer
Mind Map by Wendy de StvPaer, updated more than 1 year ago
Wendy de StvPaer
Created by Wendy de StvPaer over 6 years ago

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  1. scales
    1. top-bottom-top-bottom-top
      1. nearly always moves by step
        1. 5 exceptions to this
          1. covers all notes of instrument
            1. seems motivated by instrument, not desire for expression
            2. safe, predictable . less likely to miss intended note (by hand or ear)
            3. regular pulse throughout
              1. holding, stable or stuck
              2. rhythmic motif
                1. mode
                  1. harmony
                    1. I and V
                2. space
                  1. J leaves no silence at beginning or end
                    1. does not want/can't face time to reflect
                      1. psychodynamic - silence leaves space to grow
                        1. control
                        2. I leave no silence
                          1. anxiety
                            1. desire to keep H engaged
                              1. concentrating on othr elements (inexperience)
                                1. countertransference from aspects of AN
                                2. space in pitch?
                                  1. space in duration of held notes?
                                  2. who leads?
                                    1. Bruscia scales
                                      1. harmony, pitch, rhythm, pulse
                                      2. form and structure
                                        1. beauty
                                          1. correctness
                                            1. barrier
                                              1. pleasure
                                                1. control
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