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Unit 12


Michelle Cruz4299
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Michelle Cruz4299
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Unit 12
  1. Future tenses.
    1. Use the future continuous for ongoing activities in the future, also use it for events you expect to happen
      1. Examples: I´ll be working in health care I won´t be working in this job or I´ll be graduating in two years
        1. You can use might and may instead of will
          1. Example: I may be working in publishing
        2. Use the future perfecto for events that are in the past when you "view" them from the future
          1. Example: My wife have graduated by then
        3. Long noun phrases as subjects.
          1. What clauses and long noun phrases introduce important information. They are often the subject of the verb be, which can be followed by a word or a phrase (noun,adjetive,or verb) or by a clause
            1. What clauses
              1. Example: What you need is lost of information
              2. Long noun phrases
                1. Example: The main thing you need is information
            2. Vocabulary
              1. Communications,publishing,public,relations,nursing,health care,surgeon,worked,financial,tax adviser,translator,industry,travel
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