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The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


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The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  1. character
    1. Hyde
      1. Jekyll
        1. cares about his reputation and about what people think about him
        2. Utterson
          1. curoius
            1. feels as if hyde has kidnapped jekyll
            2. poole
            3. setting
              1. spooky night when poole the butler and utterson go to Jekyll as he has been in his cabinet for a whole week
              2. duality
                1. Jekyll has two sides of him he has the good and the evil and he feels that every human has two sides of themselves
                  1. the duality of human nature was very common in the Victorian society
                    1. especially men as they wanted to portray themselves as gentleman
                      1. they wanted to keep a strong reputation for themselves
                        1. they couldn't put their desires and feelings forward because it would be considered wrong in the Victorian society therefore you weren't a gentleman
                          1. in the same way Jekyll couldn't put his feelings forward and had to split his personality
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