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Gender introduction 1


Sociology revision task mind map.
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Gender introduction 1
  1. Wilson (1975) argues that the need to reproduce requires men to be more promiscuous.
    1. Wilson also said that, women had the need to nurture one child and stay faithful to the father of the child to ensure his help in its upbrining.
      1. This was the biological view.
    2. Gender can be socially constructed,
      1. The functionalist view
        1. According to Parsons (1995)
          1. Females have an 'expressive' role in the family, this is natural and based on their childbearing role, but it is reinforced by socialisation.
            1. Males have an 'instrumental role' in the family, that of breadwinner and protector. This is also natural, based on their physical strength but also reinforced through Socialisation.
          2. These roles are functional for the family and society.
          3. Hay (1997)
            1. Studied friendship groups among teenage girls and looked at the power the female peer groups had over girls' behaviour, and how the norms of the female peer group are deeply rooted in patriarchy and expectations of how girls should be.
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