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English 12U isu between animal farm and lots

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  1. Themes
    1. Corruption and Manipulation
      1. Jack and the hunting of pigs, causes him to gain more aggression, resulting in him forming his own society.
        1. The pigs manipulating the other animals. Using there superior intellect to destroy the animals Utopia.
          1. The pigs becoming corrupt with power. By telling lies and spreading fear they are able to create their own society, similar to that of the humans.
            1. It is the corruption of the antagonists due to the power they gain in both novels, which causes the forming of the dystopian societies.
            2. Corruption of the island by Jack and his "savages". The hatred and aggression of the group causes the creation of their own uncivilized society, in Ralph's eyes a dystopia.
            3. Ruled by Emotions
              1. The anger towards Jones causes the revolution and the creation of Animal Farm.
                1. Napoleon is ruled by his greed and hatred, causing him to be able to create his own dictatorship based society at the end of the novel. Jack is filled with anger and hatred, allowing for a hunter ruled, society to form, all of which is controlled by him.
                  1. Fear of Jones returning by the animals causes the pigs to be allowed to rule the society, forming a society, but not the one that all of the animals had in mind.
                  2. Naivety of the masses
                    1. The animals do not realize they are being used by the pigs. It's only once they see the truth, that they realize their dream utopia of a society has crumbled away.
                      1. The small children do not understand their actions or anything that occurs on the island, this intellect or lack of, causes the fall of Ralph's society, at the hands of Jack. In both novels it is the manipulation of the naive which creates the dystopian societies at the end of the novels.
                    2. Characters
                      1. Napoleon and Jack
                        1. Over time both become the dominate leader of the society, through the use of fearing the masses.
                          1. Both use force and aggression to form their ideal society, through the use of the less intellectual.
                            1. The constant clashing between the two main characters, causes the creation of new societie, due to the aggression between them, aka, Jack and Ralph, Napoleon and Snowball.
                            2. Snowball and Ralph
                              1. The natural leaders of the societies, due to their views and principles
                                1. Try to bring truth to what is happening in the societies, only causing a deterioration of the societies, and the banishment of themselves from the society they were trying to fix.
                                  1. The hatred and aggression within the society that they try to fix with the use of knowledge and truth, only lashes out at them.Causing a dystopia to slowly form, out of their utopia.
                                  2. Simon and Moses
                                    1. The only religious oriented characters in the novels. In the beginning of the societies it is these religious figures that through the religion they portray, help in the continuing of the societies.
                                      1. Moses' story of sugar candy mountain, is what inspires some of the animals to continue working on the farm, as stated before
                                        1. At the beginning of the novel, Simon(religious figure) is the only person to help Ralph build huts for the boys, building the society due to his Christ-like character.
                                          1. Before Simon can tell the others about the truth he has learned from Beelzebub , he is killed by Jack and the other hunters. This being the first sign of one of the societies collapsing due to the truth that Simon was trying to share.
                                            1. Simon aids in building the society due to his religious character aspects, but inevitably begins the destruction of the society with the truth he learns.
                                              1. The difference between these two characters is that Moses talks about religion, never actually acting upon it. Everything Simon does has some form of religious aspect to it, but he never actually talks about religion.
                                              2. Piggy
                                                1. The only intellectual character in the society, from the start is an outcast due to this difference.
                                                  1. Every time he uses his wit to aid the society it back fires, causing a collapse in the society little by little over time
                                                    1. At the beginning of the novel it is a mutual hate/dislike towards Piggy, which brings the children together causing a mutual friendship which helps in the creation of the society.
                                                  2. Setting
                                                    1. War Era
                                                      1. Abundance of fear and hatred, used by each antagonist of the novels to create their own society.
                                                        1. Difficult living conditions causing aggression and loathing- This is what causes the rise of the Animal Farm society in the first place.
                                                          1. Harsh reality of life causes some of the animals to lean on their crutch of religion to continue on.
                                                            1. In Lord of the Flies the cause of the crash and formation of the society on the island is due to the effects of war. In Animal Farm the events that take place and the creation of the society causes civil wars, as well as contributes to a world wide war (WWII).
                                                            2. Isolated self ruled/governed society
                                                              1. The fear and hatred of the past causes the building of the society in Animal Farm. In Lord of the Flies it is the hope of rescue which creates the initial society.
                                                                1. The two leaders of each society want the others power, this greed and aggression causes the creation of societies, but ones that weren't envisioned by most.
                                                              2. Literary Devices
                                                                1. Symbols
                                                                  1. The conch- Civilization, Power. The conch being the device that started the society on the island.
                                                                    1. Piggy's glasses- Intellect, as well as a source of truth and wisdom. Neither of which were able to be handled by the other children, causing again, a deterioration in the society.
                                                                      1. The fire- Rescue, Salvation. The fire being a source of greed, when the two societies are formed, causing agitation and hate between the two. In the end Jack's society envelopes Ralph's, because Jack's society has more aggression and violence.
                                                                        1. Simon- Christ-like figure. It is through his christian based character, that Simon aids in the development of the society, through helping others.
                                                                          1. Animalism- Communism and its ineffectiveness, due to the corruption of the leaders
                                                                            1. Windmill- Pig's manipulation of the other animals. It is also the beginning of when the animals begin to see the truth behind the pig's plan, and thus the fall of their society.
                                                                              1. Barn- The collective mind of the society, the beginning of society takes place in the area, where they were filled with hate, and anger towards the humans. The beach and the platform are very similar to the barn, on the basis that it is the place where all of the plans thought up take place but non ever come to tuition.
                                                                              2. Allegory
                                                                                1. Animal farm is an allegory of the Russian Revolution. A time in history where fear and hatred, caused a rise within the people to create their own society. It was also the truth about the corruption in the society that led to the fall.
                                                                                  1. Battle of the windmill is an allegory of WW2
                                                                                    1. Old Major- Marx
                                                                                      1. Napoleon- Stalin
                                                                                        1. Snowball- Trotsky
                                                                                      2. Motifs
                                                                                        1. Power- Everybody wanting to be in control, nobody being able to handle it. Jack wanting to rule the island but when he does, he loses control of himself. Napoleon wanting full control over the animals, and when he does he becomes the very thing they rebelled against in the first place.
                                                                                          1. Biblical parallels- Simon and the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve. The start of purity on the island through the aid of Simon and his religious attributes but in the end through Ralph and Piggy trying to use their intellect to rule the kids, it causes the society to become corrupt, and then destroyed, leaving Jack's society to flourish.
                                                                                          2. Allusions
                                                                                            1. "Sugar candy mountain"- Animal's version of heaven told by Moses the raven. This religious based tale, aids in the animals to continue working on their society, in hindsight the pig's society.
                                                                                              1. Simon and the biblical references- Beelzebub, lord of the flies. The devil being the one to enlighten Simon about the truth of the island and its inhabitants.
                                                                                                1. The book "the Coral Island"- Golding is giving his version, making a mockery of the book by comparing it to his perceived reality of what would really happen if boys were stranded on an island by themselves.
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