Social status/class

Molly Turvey
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GCSE English (Inspector calls) Mind Map on Social status/class, created by Molly Turvey on 12/02/2013.

Molly Turvey
Created by Molly Turvey almost 6 years ago
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Social status/class
1 Upper class
1.1 Capitalist
1.1.1 Believe rich should keep all money earned
1.1.2 Look after yourself only
1.2 Higher up the social ladder
1.2.1 Mr Birling hopes to get a night hood- climbing social ladder
1.3 Own most business
1.3.1 Mr Birling wants shelia and Gerald to get married because To merge to business Croft and Birling
1.4 Wealthy=Birlings
1.5 Mrs Birling
1.5.1 Considerable influnce as upper class
1.5.2 Doesn't work
1.5.3 Head of charity
1.5.4 Was head of family as Mr Birling married into the wealth Some influnce in family
1.6 Shelia
1.6.1 Doesnt work shops
1.6.2 Follows mrs Birlings foot steps
1.6.3 To obey
1.7 Mr Birling
1.7.1 Man head of family
1.7.2 His word law in family
1.8 Eric
1.8.1 Works Steals
1.8.2 Obeys Mr birling
1.8.3 Follows Mr Birlings footsteps
2 Women
2.1 Seen as
2.1.1 Delicate
2.1.2 Fragile
2.1.3 Obedient
2.2 Subserviant
2.2.1 To fathers or husbands
2.3 Possesion of the man
3 Lowerclass
3.1 Women Cheap labour
3.1.1 Strikes started
3.1.2 Unions
3.2 Eva Smith
3.2.1 working class
3.2.2 Cheap labour
3.2.3 Mercy of men
4 Context
4.1 After world war 2
4.1.1 women get higher wages
4.1.2 Written in world war 2 1945
4.1.3 set before world war 1 1912
4.2 Women trying to get rights
4.2.1 equal to men
4.2.2 Suffrage movement begining

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