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Ore Deposits


Mind Map on Ore Deposits, created by Enkhjin Tumurbaa on 11/22/2015.
Enkhjin Tumurbaa
Mind Map by Enkhjin Tumurbaa, updated more than 1 year ago
Enkhjin Tumurbaa
Created by Enkhjin Tumurbaa over 6 years ago

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Ore Deposits
  1. Sedimentary
    1. Placer
      1. alluvial – formed by streams; by far the most important and the reason for most gold and diamond rushes of the world eluvial – formed on hillsides by rainfall beach placers – formed by wave action on the seashore eloian placers – formed by wind action arid areas gold paleo-placers – ancient placers, which have subsequently been buried and metamorphosed into a solid rock
      2. Supergene CU,AU
        1. Coal
          1. Laterite
            1. Iron formation
            2. Magmatic
              1. Diamond Kimberlites
                1. Layered Mafic Intrusions
                2. Metamorphic
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