The Olympians--Gods

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12 Gods and Goddesses who make up the Olympians. This mind map is only the Gods.

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The Olympians--Gods
1 Zeus
1.1 Ruler of the Gods
1.1.1 Overthrew Cronus
1.2 Lord of the sky&rain
1.3 Thunderbolt
1.4 Married to Hera
1.4.1 Goddess
2 Poseidon
2.1 Lord of the Sea
2.2 Married Amphitrite
2.3 Creator of the horse
2.3.1 To impress Demeter
2.4 Trident
2.5 Second in Power
3 Hades
3.1 Lord of the underworld
3.2 Welcomes Erinyes
3.3 God of wealth
3.4 Helmet
3.4.1 Makes him invisible
3.5 Wife is Persephone
3.5.1 Abducted her
4 Apollo
4.1 Son of Zeus and Leto
4.2 God of music, playing a golden lyre, healing, light, and truth.
4.3 Drives the Sun across the sky
4.4 Tree is the laurel
4.5 Crow is his bird
4.6 Dolphin is his animal
5 Hermes
5.1 Son of Zeus and Maia
5.2 Zeus' messenger
5.3 God of thieves and commerce
5.4 Invented the lyre, the pipes, the musical scale, astronomy, weights and measures, boxing, gymnastics, and the care of olive trees.
6 Hephaestus
6.1 Son of Zeus and Hera
6.2 Only physically ugly God
6.3 God of fire and the forge
6.4 Smith and armorer of the Gods
6.5 Patron god of smiths and weavers
6.6 Wife is Aphrodite
6.6.1 She's a Goddess

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