Assessing KS3 Science without levels

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Initial ideas for bringing KS3 levels in line with new GCSE reforms

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Assessing KS3 Science without levels
1 Where are we at now?
1.1 Assessment at KS3 - staff currently use the fine grading level system. Our databases correlate levels 3C - 7A for Year 7 and 3A - 8A for Year 8 assessment. The current system also allows for staff to see a students progress against the current (legacy) GCSE A*-C system
2 Where do we want to be?
2.1 In a position where we are able to assess our KS3 students throughout Year 7 and 8 using a point grade system which is in line with the new GCSE grading system (9-1) allowing a smooth transition from KS3 into KS4 at the stage when year 8 sit their end of key stage in school assessment and move into the GCSE year in Year 9
3 How do we get there?
3.1 Bring staff on board with the new grades and what they mean compared to the old system
3.2 Bring students on board - what do the new grades in Science mean?
3.3 WAGOLLs - What does a grade 1 look like? What does a grade 5 look like? etc.
3.4 Inform parents about the changes as this will need to be done for all year groups - Year 7 should not be an issue, but Year 8, Year 9 and new Year 10 will need a launch
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