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The Vacation Poster


The vacation poster
Mind Map by joedodo, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by joedodo over 6 years ago

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The Vacation Poster
  1. Image: Taken as a selfie placing the family in the centre with the burning car behind them
    1. Image taken from a high angle showing them as hopeless backed up by the view of the car.
      1. Image: Costumes are used to create a stereotypical family with the kids in hoodies and the parents in more formal
        1. Image: The Facial expressions connote its a comedy as they are all smiling even though they are in a bad situation
          1. Image: Star power is used as these actors are popular in america
            1. Text: The font is bold connoting adventure but not a fancy font.
              1. Text: The text colour is orange which connotes enthusasim or happiness
                1. Text: the text is place atypically at the bottom
                  1. Colour: The colour pallete is varied connoting the film has a ranged target audience
                    1. Colour: The Orange title contrasts everything apart from the car ans shirt so enhances the colour
                      1. Colour: Orange is a generic colour as of its bright nature
                        1. Typical features: Credit Block at the bottom.
                          1. Typical feature: As a teaser poster it only says coming soon to intice audience
                            1. Typical Features: Distribution company prosented at bottom
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