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What not to do/make (BF4 edition)


Things that I don't like from BF4 and don't want in my own game
Rene Steeman
Mind Map by Rene Steeman, updated more than 1 year ago
Rene Steeman
Created by Rene Steeman over 6 years ago

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What not to do/make (BF4 edition)
  1. non-realistic
    1. helies are just used for fast transport
      1. fast pace
        1. not enough cover
        2. stupid ways to get killed
          1. special wapons
            1. to many vehicles
              1. too strong anti-air
                1. killed in action for no reason
                2. unlock system
                  1. damage model
                    1. OP anti-air
                    2. classes are not well divided
                      1. not enough teamwork
                      2. laggy
                        1. long loading
                          1. sounds even need to load after the loading screen disappeared
                        2. bad servers
                          1. laggy
                            1. not enough variation
                              1. almost non official
                                1. to much repeating
                                2. Pay to play
                                  1. 50+ for base game
                                    1. 50+ for DLC
                                      1. battlepacks
                                        1. instant unlocks
                                        2. DLC
                                          1. nobody uses it
                                            1. too expensive
                                              1. even free maps are titled DLC
                                              2. other
                                                1. classes are too smiliar
                                                  1. too much focus on one objective at a time
                                                    1. bugs
                                                      1. glitches
                                                        1. not enough innovation
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