10 elements of effective presentations

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Effective Lectures Seminar

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10 elements of effective presentations
  1. Practise
    1. The more familiar you are with your material the more you will be able to inspire your audience’s trust and confidence.
      1. Prevents Reading
        1. Tries to learning
      2. Assert yourself
        1. An effective presenter needs to be assertive, not aggressive.
          1. Posture
            1. It is important to appear confident at all times.
            2. Presence
              1. Have the confidence to fill your space in front of an audience.
          2. Make contact with your audience
            1. eye contact
              1. gestures
                1. spoken contact
                  1. your use of language
                  2. Use your voice
                    1. Your voice is a very flexible and powerful tool
                      1. volume
                        1. pace
                          1. pitch
                        2. Breathe
                          1. Always remember to breath steadily and deeply.
                            1. Try to take a few deep breaths before you make your presentation
                          2. Drink
                            1. have some liquid to hand to quench your thirst if you are speaking for a long time.
                            2. Build a story
                              1. Tell stories and anecdotes to help illustrate points.
                              2. Use your Body
                                1. Body Movement
                                  1. Facial Expression
                                    1. Eye Contact
                                    2. Start Strongly
                                      1. Walk in strong, move confidently to where you’ll present, stand tall, smile, survey the room and begin to speak, with conviction
                                      2. Use visual aids
                                        1. Using pictures, videos and activities in your presentations
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