The Early Periodic Table

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A description of the Early Periodic Table including Mendeleev, Newlands and Dalton

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The Early Periodic Table
  1. Dalton
    1. Book published in 1808
      1. Found elements using chemical reactions
        1. Arranged elements in order of Mass
        2. Newlands
          1. His idea was published in 1864
            1. It was called the law of octaves
            2. He noticed that every eighth element had similar properties
              1. He didn't realise that at the same time new elements were being discovered
                1. arranged elements in order of Mass
                  1. This idea only worked up to the element of Calcium
                  2. Mendeleev
                    1. He left Gaps in the Periodic Table
                      1. He predicted the properties of the elements that had not yet been sdiscovered
                        1. Idea published in 1869
                          1. Idea arranged in order of Atomic Mass
                            1. Known as the father of the Modern Periodic Table
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