Theories linking to film narrative

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Theories linking to my film narrative

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Theories linking to film narrative
1 Barthes (1977)
1.1 His theory is that a enigma in a story will create tension and lead to the resolution of the plot.
1.2 This can be seen in my narrative as the identity of the murderer is a mystery, her identity is then discovered at the end of the film and it leads to the death of the detective.
2 Levi-Strauss's (1958)
2.1 He believed that all stories operated around a binary opposite.
2.2 This can be seen in my film because the main protagonist is a male and the main antagonist is a female so they are binary opposites of each other.
3 O'Sullivan (1998)
3.1 He believed that narratives have a common structure where they with the establishment of the plot.
3.2 This can be seen in my film because at the beginning of the film we are introduced to the main storyline of the murderer killing the detective.
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