Nazi Opposition and Dissent

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A level mindmap on Nazi opposition and key events

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Nazi Opposition and Dissent
  1. Anti-Nazi campaigns
    1. In early 1930s the KPD, SPD and trade unions printed anti-Nazi pamphlets
      1. The SPD outside Germany (SOPADE) collected public opinion on Germany to pass onto the Alllies
        1. The Red Orchestra tried to help the USSR by giving information to the Allies
          1. Communist groups like the Uhrig leafleted factories and urged workers to acts of sabotage
          2. Disobedience
            1. Some young people refused to join the Hitler Youth
              1. The Edelweiss Pirates was a large working-class movement which ran activities such as camping and hiking
                1. Some more extreme Pirates would paint anti-Nazi slogans on walls or work with resistance groups
                2. The White Rose Group distributed anti-Nazi material urging sabotage and exposing the Nazi murder of Jews.
                  1. Some people helped those wanted by the Nazis for arrest
                    1. For example Hans von Dohnanyi worked in the Nazi justice system byt helped escapees and was later sent to a concentration camp
                  2. Attempts to asassinate Hitler
                    1. From July 1921 to July 1944 there were 15 known attempts to assassinate Hitler
                      1. The July Bomb Plot of 1944 was an attempt of the German army to overthrow the government in order to negotiate an end to the war with the Allies
                        1. This failed and resulted in the execution of 200 allegedly involved with the plot
                      2. Sabotage
                        1. Workers sabotaged the Nazis by holding lightning strikes that normally only lasted a few hours
                          1. The Anti-Fascist Workers group were arrested in 1944
                          2. Workers might work slowly, damage machinery or report in sick
                            1. Some resistance groups worked with Allies to blow up bridges or railways
                            2. Church opposition
                              1. In May 1934 the Pastor's Emergency League (PEL) was set up and this developed into the Confessing Church
                                1. It criticised the Nazi 'People's Church' for being anti-Semitic and encouraging Athiesm
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