MAAN Character Map

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MAAN Character Map

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MAAN Character Map
  1. Leonato: Hero's father. Beatrice's uncle.
    1. Hero: Leonato's daughter, Claudio's love interest.
      1. Claudio: A Soldier who fought under Don Pedro. Falls in love with Hero
        1. Don Pedro: An important nobleman from Aragon that is referred to as the "Prince". Don Pedro is very good friends with Leonato, Benedick, and Claudio. Don Pedro is very nice, but he is also very quick to believe others and take revenge.
          1. Don John: Don Pedro's illegitimate half brother. Don John is the sole reason for the conflict between Hero and Claudio.
      2. Beatrice: The niece of Leonato, Hero's cousin. Beatrice challenges the ideas of a stereotypical woman.
        1. Benedick: A loyal soldier, and close friend to Don Pedro and Claudio. Benedick is a very witty person who swears that he will never get married. Benedick also distrust women because he thinks that they will cheat on him.
          1. Ursula: One of Hero's waiting women.
            1. Margret: Hero's servant lady. Margret is mostly known for unwillingly helping deceive Don Pedro and Claudio which in turn ruined Hero's wedding.
              1. Borachio: Don John's right hand man, and Margret's lover. Helped Don John trick Don Pedro and Claudio.
                1. Conrad: Don John's associate who will do anything that he wants.
                  1. Dogberry: The chief of police in Messina who tries to speak like a nobleman but instead fails.
                    1. Verges: Dogberry's deputy.
        2. Antonio: Leonato's brother and Hero and Beatrice’s uncle.
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