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The Scorch Trails


Book Project scorch trials
Melani Hodge
Mind Map by Melani Hodge, updated more than 1 year ago
Melani Hodge
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The Scorch Trails
  1. Setting
    1. In the Scorch (the Scorch is a place where the sun flares hit and burned the most).
      1. Time Unknown.
      2. Theme
        1. The theme in this story is to stay confident and never give up because if you do you will pay for it in the ending.
          1. This theme is brought out in the story by people giving up and getting hurt in some way that end up in dying or getting badly hurt and ending up dying.
          2. Main Conflict
            1. The main conflict in this story is that the gladers are stuck in a Scorch, and they have 2 weeks to go 100 miles in it, to get to a place called the safe haven, to then get the cure for the flare.
              1. This conflict is brought out in the beginning of the story, when this man, the gladers called Rat Man, told them they had to go 100 miles in this Scorch in 2 weeks to get a cure for a dieses, let out during the sun flare, called the flare.
              2. By: James Dashner
                1. Melani Hodge-8th Period
                2. Characters
                  1. Brenda
                    1. Loving
                      1. Demanding
                      2. Jorge
                        1. Brave
                          1. Smart
                          2. Thomas (Main Character)
                            1. Brave
                              1. Intelligent/Smart
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