Effective Reading

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Effective Reading
  1. Reading actively promotes understanding, increase concentration, improves retention
    1. Purpose of reading
      1. To get the overview
        1. Gather supporting evidence
          1. Summarize
            1. Understand material
              1. Critique/evaluate
                1. Leisure
                2. Reading Strategies
                  1. Reflection: thinking about what you know about the subject before reading
                    1. Scanning/skimming: get the overview from heading, main words and illustration
                      1. Speed reading: can be improved by practice. However, not useful for depth reading
                        1. Ask questions: about the author, content, purpose, style.
                          1. Underlining: marking the text for note taking
                            1. Monitor/evaluate: self-review on what you get from the text.
                              1. SQ3R: for active reading. Able to understand the text.
                                1. Survey: preview of what you'll read. Give the idea of what to expect.
                                  1. Questions: based on previous knowledge or chapter. Will make you concentrate and read critically.
                                    1. Read
                                      1. Conversational Reading
                                        1. Take notes, use concept maps, write key ideas.
                                          1. Answer questions as you read
                                            1. Reread loudly part that's hard
                                              1. Check new vocabulary
                                                1. Use deep processing strategies
                                                2. Understanding: looking for main ideas, relationships and identify underlying meaning
                                                  1. Memorise: use recitation, copying and mnemonics
                                                  2. Recall: describe the main idea and argument on your own words.
                                                    1. Review: self-examination by checking how well you have recalled the material.
                                                  3. Prioritising reading
                                                    1. Asks tutor the relevant part in the material
                                                      1. Alert for hints and clues
                                                        1. Ask fellow students
                                                          1. Ask seniors
                                                            1. Share out reading on what is useful
                                                              1. Note which books is regularly used for reference
                                                                1. Skim through and choose the recommended books
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