Heat and Temperature

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Heat and Temperature
1 Heat and Temperature
1.1 Heat is a measure of energy
1.2 Temperature is a measure of hotness
1.3 Energy flows from hot to cold
2 Kinetic Theory
2.1 Solids
2.1.1 Strong forces of attraction
2.1.2 Vibrate around fixed positions Low energy
2.2 Liquids
2.2.1 Weaker forces of attraction
2.2.2 Move randomly More energy Slowly
2.3 Gases
2.3.1 Almost no attraction
2.3.2 Move randomly Very fast A lot more energy
3 Conduction
3.1 Occurs mainly in solids
3.2.1 Vibrating particles pass on kinetic energy to particles next to them
3.3 Metals are the best
3.3.1 Free electrons
3.4 Liquids and gases conduct heat much slower
3.4.1 No free electrons
4 Convection
4.1 Occurs in liquids and gases
4.2.1 Particles with a lot of energy move to the cooler region, and take their heat with them
5 Heat Radiation
5.1 The emission of electromagnetic waves
5.2 Depends on the surface colour and texture
5.2.1 Dark, matte surfaces absorb and emit
5.2.2 Shiny, silvered surfaces reflect heat
6 Condensation and Evaporation
6.1.1 When a gas turns to liquid
6.1.2 Rate will increase if: Temperature is lower Windspeed is less Temperature is lower Density is higher
6.2.1 Liquid to gas
6.2.2 Rate will increase if: Temperature is higher Density is lower Surface area is larger Windspeed is greater
7 Rate of Heat Transfer
7.1 Depends on:
7.1.1 Surface area
7.1.2 Volume
7.1.3 Type of material
7.2 Limiting heat transfer
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