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  1. Healthy Option
    1. Financial
      1. Financial Accounts
        1. Cash Flow
          1. A small business will not have a cash flow as they can't afford to have this and therefore have to be very careful with the money that they have and make sure they don't make a loss
          2. Budgets
            1. I small business normally does not have much money to try new things anyway so they will really try to stick to a tight budget to make sure everything can work and they can try to earn that money back instead of spending lots of money on a risky business that could make a loss.
          3. Non Financial
            1. Resources
              1. Healthy Option as a small business does not have access to large amounts of resources and must use what they can to make the products they provide
              2. Utilisation
                1. Market Share
                  1. A small business like Healthy Option does not know how much market share they will have and the chances are that they have very little to almost no market share as they are dominated by much bigger companies
                  2. Environmental Impact
                    1. Healthy option only uses biodegradeable and wooden plates and cups and therfore it does everything it can to leave a very little carbon footprint but it again does not have much impact on the environment because it is too small to make an impact
                    2. Quality
                      1. Healthy Option only uses fresh chicken breast on its chicken products and makes the other foods fresh daily as if the business doesn't give good quality the first time then the customers wont come back and for such a small business they can't afford to lose customers
                      2. Customer Satisfaction
                        1. Again this is very important because if the customer is unhappy they will not return and the small business cannot afford to lose customers so they need to make sure every customer is happy and they can deal with every complaint on a personal level that is unlike he bigger companies that try to save costs by not developing their customer service teams
                    3. Nike
                      1. Non Financial
                        1. Market Share
                          1. Nike will be able to see what their market share is and they will want to always be getting a bigger share of the market and they can do this by advertising on a international scale, however because they are so big of a company they also have the direct rivals of Adidas and Puma that have the exact same goal as them and are alwyas trying to beat them to gain more market share
                          2. Utilisation
                            1. Environmental Impact
                              1. Because Nike are such a huge company they will obviously have a huge impact on the environment and they can control this by using carbord boxes and as little plastic in their packaging as possible and they control their impact on the enviroment quite well to say how big the company is
                              2. Quality
                                1. Nike generally have good quality products but they are made in very bad conditions and the people that are making them may be children or people that are on unlivable wage where they must work extreme hours to earn enough money to live and provide for their family
                                2. Customer Satisfaction
                                  1. Nike are a company that have good customer satisfaction to say how big of a company they are but they still will have problems because of the amount of products that the sell per day lots more people will have a problem with the product then people that can solve their problem so there will still be some people that have been missed by Nike even thought they spend lots of money n making sure their customers are happy
                                  2. Resources
                                    1. Nike have as many resources as they like and therefore can try new things with new materials to see if it works and sells as much as they want
                                  3. Financial
                                    1. Cash Flow
                                      1. Nike can sell themselves on the stock market and this is how they can get a steady cash flow and they can take their profits and put them back into the company if they need the extra money in a certain area
                                      2. Budgets
                                        1. Nike will have budgets however theirs will b very big and it does not affect them that much if an idea fails in comparison to a small company where everything must work to stay afloat
                                        2. Financial Accounts
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