Theme 3

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geography gcse theme 3

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Theme 3
1 Economic activity
1.1 the way you earn money and jobs we do
1.2 jobs
1.2.1 primary fisherman/ farmer/ miner/ lumberjack collecting raw materials
1.2.2 Secondary Turning raw material into a product Baker/ factory worker
1.2.3 tertary Providing a service Teacher/ plumber/ doctor/ bus driver
2 South wales
2.1 industreial phase
2.1.1 1850's
2.1.2 high demand for coal
2.1.3 easy access tho coal in south wales
2.1.4 coal mining and steel mining
2.2 Industrial decline
2.2.1 1960's
2.2.2 less demand for coal
2.2.3 closing mines (many problems)
2.2.4 coal was running out
2.3 Rgeneration
2.3.1 1990's
2.3.2 welsh development agency and EU
2.3.3 New factories and training centres
2.3.4 tourism and M4
3 informal sector
3.1 no regular wage or hours, often illegal
4 Cody tech park
4.1 easy access
4.1.1 train line
4.1.2 M3
4.1.3 Farnbourgh airport
4.2 recreation areas
4.2.1 people want to live and work here
4.2.2 lakes etc
4.2.3 nearby housing (live and work)
4.2.4 quick and easy
4.3 Flat land
4.3.1 can build new buildings
4.3.2 expand
4.3.3 build specalist taylored buildings
5 Globalisation
5.1 the way individual people and countries are connected to each other at a global scale
6 multinational companies
6.1 large companies that have there head office in one city and other things around the wolrd
7 case study
7.1 coca cola
7.1.1 stealing water
7.1.2 social/ enviromental /economic problems
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