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my training plan and courses

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My training plan
  1. Principles of Marketing
    1. The Principles of Marketing examination covers material that is usually taught in a one-semester introductory course in marketing. Such a course is usually known as Introduction to Marketing, Basic Marketing, Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing or Marketing Principles.
    2. Understanding Digital Marketing Channels
      1. This course is about understanding how customers can be reached online, why you would want to reach them, and which tools make it easy. The course breaks down online marketing by explaining how different methods are used and how you can measure if they are being effective.
      2. Creativity and Advertising
        1. The course in Creativity and Advertising Communication offers an insight into the methods used in professional advertising providing a deeper analysis of the role of the copyrighter, of editor of promotional messages. It analyses customers’ behaviours, market dynamics, strategic systems to design and spread promotional messages through the purchase of spaces and time-slots on mass media putting advertising at the centre of a communication mix and analysing the main features of sales promotion, public relations and of every new aspects of non-conventional communication. Finally, it illustrates the most effective techniques with the purpose of stimulating creativity and the development of new ideas.
        2. Fundamentals of Public Speaking
          1. Covers audience analysis; purposes of speeches; structure/ organization; content/supporting materials; research; language & style; communication apprehension; delivery; listening & feedback; criticism & evaluation.
          2. Public Relations
            1. This course will help prepare you to conduct public relations suitable for small start-up businesses, international companies, political campaigns, social programs, personal development, and other outreach projects
            2. Corporate Communication
              1. The introduction of Business Communication for Success, the textbook used throughout this course, notes that “[E]ffective communication takes preparation, practice, and persistence. There are many ways to learn communication skills; the school of experience, or ‘hard knocks,’ is one of them. But in the business environment, a ‘knock’ (or lesson learned) may come at the expense of your credibility through a blown presentation to a client.” Effective communication skills are a prerequisite for succeeding in business.
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