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How to Steal a Dog


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How to Steal a Dog
  1. Setting
    1. Texaco Gas Station
      1. Darby
      2. characters
        1. Goergina
          1. worried
            1. mad
            2. Toby
              1. tattletale
                1. young
                2. Mookie
                  1. homeless
                    1. bad cook
                    2. Mama
                      1. emotional
                        1. determined
                      2. Main conflict
                        1. Goergina Toby and their mom don't have a place to live.
                          1. Cause
                            1. their dad left them ad took all the money.
                          2. theme
                            1. Don't steal a dog for money it will just turn out bad and you wil feel bad.
                              1. Goergina and Toby tried to steal a dog because they thought they make some money to find a place to live. But they ended up feeling horrible.
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