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Deep Blue


Mind Map
Carya Schramm
Mind Map by Carya Schramm, updated more than 1 year ago
Carya Schramm
Created by Carya Schramm over 6 years ago

Resource summary

Deep Blue
  1. Theme
    1. You have more strength in numbers than you do alone.
    2. Characters
      1. Serafina
        1. brave
          1. strong
          2. Neela
            1. buries her fears
              1. quick thinker
              2. Astrid
                1. strong
                  1. doubtful
                  2. Beca
                    1. unique
                      1. is a very powerful songcaster
                      2. Ava
                        1. blind
                          1. can "see" things like a bat.
                          2. Ling
                            1. smart
                              1. speaks a lot of different languages
                            2. Plot
                              1. Six mermaids leave their homes to find the Iele, or river witches because a centry old threat has been woken by an evil force that intends to set the monster free and destroy the oceans of the world.
                              2. Main Conflict
                                1. Six mermaids must find tailismans that belonged to the six who ruled and stop a great evil from being unleashed on the 6 waters of the world.
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