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Influences of Alvin Ailey


A-Level Dance (AAADT) Mind Map on Influences of Alvin Ailey, created by Luke Thompson on 11/30/2015.
Luke Thompson
Mind Map by Luke Thompson, updated more than 1 year ago
Luke Thompson
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Influences of Alvin Ailey
  1. Trainning
    1. Horton
      1. Biggest influence on Ailey- taught every day
        1. Forced on using the body in the most effective way possible
          1. Used the strength of the back and flexability
            1. Use of body and spaitial awareness
              1. Forming Clear and liner shapes- Lateral Streches, angled arms
            2. Graham
              1. Use of Contraction and realise
                1. Heavily used in Ailey, Revelations, Cry
                2. Giving into gravity
                  1. Cry, Majority of section on is on the floor
                    1. End of of mean olde frisco in blues suite
                    2. A very expressive style- aliey used to connceted with the auidence more
                    3. Ballet
                      1. The foot work of ballet is heavily used in Ailey
                        1. Pas de Duex- Baryshnikov's talent, Chaines, Abesque etc.
                          1. River 1970 use of chaines with contractions
                        2. Jazz
                          1. Used the isolation and occasional the synocpation of jazz
                            1. Blues Suite 1958, Layout, claps use of jazz fourth
                              1. For Bird- WIth love, Aural and Physical Setting influenced (broadway as well), Sharp kicks, as well as rib isolations
                          2. Childhood
                            1. Abodment as a child
                              1. love for his mother -cry Subject matter
                              2. Texas depression
                                1. Blue suites- Subject matter
                                2. Faith
                                  1. Imagery of faith- Revealtions fix me jesus
                                    1. Aural setting - Gosphel
                                      1. Physical setting- Church clothes- Revealtions, mimual like churches
                                      2. Insipred by Stella Alder - Blood memories
                                      3. Experience
                                        1. mental break down in the 1980's inspired For bird with love
                                          1. Taking over Lester's company- gave him what it was like it run a company, but also gave him the coruage to move to NY , which allowed him to study Graham which is an important style.
                                            1. 1940's started going to cinema, Fred astaire- jazz infulence and 45 he saw his first ballet and Dunham, this black compnay insipired him to dance (multiracial) and also gave him his Afro style.
                                              1. He joined in many musical when he was in NY which gave him his broadway style, Choregraphic devices - climax, as well as the style was used in some of the pieces, revelations- rocka my soul
                                                1. Also gave him his use of dancers- having indinivual characters for each dancers
                                                2. 1963 directed his last play, this helps with his narrtive structures
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