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City of Ice


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City of Ice
  1. Theme
    1. Message / Theme: No matter where you are, it's always better with friends
      1. How brought out in book: Fair
      2. Main Conflict
        1. Conflict / problem: Scirye and her companions continue to chase the villainous Mr. Rolland
          1. Cause: To get revenge on their lost loved ones that Mr. Rolland
          2. Characters
            1. Scirye
              1. Kushan girl, accompanied by a "lap" griffin, Kles
              2. Leech
                1. Human Boy, formerly known as the feared warrior, Lee No Cha
                2. Bayang
                  1. Water Dragon of the "Moonglow"
                  2. Klestetstse
                    1. Scirye's pet lap griffin, also known as Kles
                    2. Roxanna
                      1. Daughter of Prince Tarkhun
                      2. Prince Tarkhun
                        1. Father of Roxanna, also a trader
                        2. Nania
                          1. Goddess of revenge
                          2. Lord Resak
                            1. Giant shape-shifting polar bear
                          3. Setting
                            1. Place: In Nova Hafina, near the arctic circle
                              1. Time: Mid- November, 1941
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