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My Top 10 Takeaways From Comm 101


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My Top 10 Takeaways From Comm 101
  1. Accounting
    1. Financial
      1. Amortization
        1. Paying off debt in regular fixed instalments over a period of time (straight line)
          1. Similar to straight line depreciation
        2. External
      2. Positioning
        1. Points of Parity
          1. What makes this product similar to all its substitutes in the market?
          2. Points of Difference
            1. What makes this product different from its substitutes? How is it unique?
            2. Ladder - If you can't push a competitor off the top, get to the top in another aspect
            3. Innovation
              1. Intrapreneurs
                1. Innovation + Entrepreneurship
                  1. Those within a business in charge or innovation
                  2. Disruptive Innovation
                    1. Innovation that creates a new market and disrupts equilibrium in another
                      1. Innovation is not always a good thing, two sides of a story
                  3. Public Speaking
                    1. Building confidence
                      1. Skills needed to succeed in business
                      2. Getting a feel of speaking in front of a large class
                        1. Beneficial for competition and presentations
                          1. Pacific Venture Capital Competition
                      3. Business Model Canvas
                        1. Framework of a business
                          1. Make it more efficient to connect key aspects of a business together
                            1. Useful tool for case studies
                          2. Strategic Management
                          3. Value Proposition Canvas
                            1. How do you make value for your customers?
                              1. Think in the shoes of the customers
                              2. What wants should the product satisfy?
                                1. Maps out decision making (observing and designing based on the observation)
                                  1. How will it help them get the job done?
                                2. Social Enterprise
                                  1. For profit businesses that engage in a charitable cause (ultimately still profit driven)
                                    1. One for One Business Model
                                      1. Different from a not for profit organization
                                    2. Finance
                                      1. Time Value of Money
                                        1. Money loses value over time
                                          1. Worth more in the present (money can earn interest)
                                        2. Financial Markets
                                          1. where buyers and sellers participate in the trade of assets
                                        3. Sauder Alumni
                                          1. Provided a lot of insight on the business world
                                            1. Gave me a clearer idea of what I might want to pursue in the future
                                              1. Consulting
                                            2. Showed me that business isn't just working in an office
                                              1. Jenny Duffy
                                              2. Skills needed to work in business
                                              3. Case Studies
                                                1. Gave me an opportunity to use the skills I learned and to make sure I knew how to integrate them
                                                  1. Got me interested in consulting
                                                    1. Good practice in learning how to assimilate information and use them interconnectedly
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