Catherine Earnshaw Linton

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Characterisation of CATHERINE

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Catherine Earnshaw Linton
1 Indecisive
1.1 "I don’t want your permission for that, I shall marry him; and yet, you have not told me of I’m right.” “In whichever place the soul lives- in my soul, and in my heart, I’m convinced i’m wrong."
2 Societally Cautious
2.1 “It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff, now; so he shall never know how I loved him…”
2.1.1 Emphasizes the theme of class
3 Materialistic
3.1 “ You would love him without that, probably, and with it, you wouldn’t, unless he possessed the four former attractions.”
4 Naive
4.1 “till finally the poor innocent was led to doubt her own senses, and, overwhelmed with confusion at her supposed mistake.
5 Catherine + Heathcliff
5.1 All consuming love and passionate
5.2 When Heathcliff disappears, a degradation in her character is observed.
5.2.1 “You look so dismal as a drowned whelp-Why are you so damp and pale, child?” All consuming and destruction caused due to love
5.3 The two characters complement each other, parts of Heathcliff’s character is seen in Catherine
5.3.1 “I am Heathcliff.” Catherine was initially a tomboy, and this maybe due to the fact that she spent much of her childhood with Heathcliff. When Heathcliff leaves, her language degrades, much like Heathcliff’s “gypsy” characteristic. Although she became more ladylike after visiting the Lintons, however this comes across as being more fake. As soon as she is separated from Heathcliff, she goes back to her raw nature that is extremely similar to Heathcliff’s nature. ’Have you found Heathcliff, you ass?’
6 Catherine + Nelly
6.1 Catherine does not trust Nelly’s advices
6.1.1 “Nelly I see now, you think i’m a selfish wrench; but did it never strike you that...” Not only is she ignorant but also feels the need to
6.1.2 Compared to Nelly, we see that Catherine is Naive, Societally cautious and stiff necked as we can see from their conversation in chapter 9.
7 Catherine + Hindley
7.1 Very hostile relationship, Hindley just makes use of Catherine
7.1.1 “Damn it! I don’t want to be troubled with more sickness here”
8 Isabella serves as Catherine's FOIL
8.1 Catherine: Wild nature Isabella: Civilised and Cultured
9 Supernaturalism
9.1 Recurrence of her as a ghost
9.1.1 We then see her (as a ghost)wanting to re-enter Wuthering Heights reinforcing her mysterious nature in comparison to the other characters.
10 What's in a name?
10.1 use of the same name or a combination of similar names helps, Bronte create a feeling of claustrophobia in the novel.
10.2 used as a mean of identifying family affiliations. (helps discriminate characters without last names)
10.3 Catherine’s different last names represent her different identities and different stages of life.
11 Her death within the story encapsulates readers from knowing who she really was.
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