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Mind map of Catherines character in the play " A View from the Bridge"

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  1. Development of her character
    1. "No, you could tell me. B! Gee, I'm all mixed up. See, I-He looks so sad now and it hurts me."
      1. "He's a rat, he belongs in the sewer!"
        1. This development is due to the actions Eddie took against her choices and against his own morals
        2. She turns from a "baby" to a women in the play
        3. Relationship with Eddie
          1. Love
            1. Traditional father figure in her life
              1. She wants to please him
              2. Wants the best for her
              3. Hate
                1. She finds him to overbearing/ controlling
                  1. He wont allow her to wear adult clothes
                    1. "What's the high heels for, Garbo?"
                  2. She acts far to young and so their relationship with one another has not adapted through age
                  3. Immigrants
                    1. Rodolpho
                      1. Her concerns
                        1. Eddie doesn't approve of him
                          1. He may only want a passport
                            1. Wont live in Italy with her
                          2. Her love
                            1. He is more of a feministic man than Eddie
                              1. He sings "Paper Doll" and dances
                                1. Eddie says he's "not right"
                              2. She wants to marry Rodolpho
                                1. The first man she's been with
                            2. Marco
                              1. Catherine cares for Marco
                                1. She wants him to be at her wedding
                                  1. His honour would remind her of Eddie
                              2. Immigration
                                1. She is emotional
                                  1. Deffensive
                                    1. "He was born in Philadelphia!"
                                    2. Upset
                                      1. "Clings" to Rodolpho
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