Emperor Nero

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Emperor Nero
1 Nero was born
1.1 he was born into a royal family
1.1.1 his father was Gnaeus Domitius
1.1.2 his mother was Agrppina
2 his father died and his mother married Claudius emperor of Rome
2.1 instead of having Claudius's son Britannicus as king she wanted to have Nero as king
2.1.1 in 50 A.D Claudius's son gave his daughter to Nero
3 Nero became emperor when he was 17
3.1 his mother tried to control her son as emperor and made her authority known in public and in private
4 Agrippina despised Nero and interfered in his private life
4.1 she challenged Britannicus even though he was a small part as Emperor
4.1.1 he suddenly died the day before he was to become an adult Nero stubbornly refused that he had killed Britannicus
5 later done with his mother he kicked her out of the palace and later killed her.
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