4. Roman Medicine

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Facts about the Roman Medicine. Comment below If this helps you :)

Evangeline Taylor
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4. Roman Medicine
1 Who treated illness?
1.1 Trained doctors
1.2 Family
2 What did they think caused diseases?
2.1 Gods
2.2 Imbalance of Four humours
3 Treatment/Prevention
3.1 Same as the Greeks:
3.1.1 Herbal remedies
3.1.2 Balance the humours
3.1.3 charms Superstition
3.1.4 Carefully observation
3.1.5 Rest, improved diet and exercise
3.1.6 Visit the temple of Asclepius
3.2 Roman Army
3.2.1 had its own hospital and doctors/surgeons
4 Key ideas
4.1 Same as the Greeks
4.1.1 Four humours
4.1.2 Observation and recording symptoms
4.2 Public Health
4.2.1 Sewers
4.2.2 Aqueducts
4.2.3 Toilets
4.3 Opposites
4.3.1 balance the humours by using opposite treatment
5 Example of change
5.1 Public Health
5.2 Opposites
5.3 Brain controls the body not the heart
6 Example of continuity
6.1 Four humours
6.2 Superstitions
6.3 No idea of the real cause of disease
6.4 Asclepius in times of crisis
7 Key figures
7.1 Galen
7.1.1 Built on Hippocrates ideas Wrote books Would be studies for 1000 years
7.1.2 Developed theory of the four humours by using opposites
7.1.3 Promoted natural treatments
7.1.4 Proved the brain control the body not the heart with his pig experiment

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