Legacy of Greece

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Legacy of Greece
  1. Science & Technology
    1. Advances in Medicine
      1. Hippocrates was "Father of Medicine" and saw body as sum.
      2. Geography: Knowledge about the world
        1. Cartography: Study and making of maps prominent at this time
        2. Math Discoveries
          1. Pythagoras & Euclid were important mathematicians. Pythagreon Theorem and basics of geometry.
          2. Advances in Tools
            1. Alarm clock, water mill, odometer
          3. Culture
            1. Olympic Games: Series of sports competitions
              1. First held back in Olympia in ancient Greece.
              2. Philosophy: Search for Knowledge & Wisdom
                1. Socrates, Plato, & Aristotle were important philosophers.
                2. Architecture: Structures & Buildings
                  1. One of the wonders of ancient Greece, The Parthenon.
                  2. History: Written down records
                    1. Herodotus first to write down historical accounts for the sake of history.
                  3. Government
                    1. Extended Citizenship
                      1. Peisistratus extended rights to non-landowners.
                      2. Written Laws
                        1. Draco first to write laws for Athens.
                        2. Creation of Democracy
                          1. Democracy born in Athens
                          2. Fairer Court System
                            1. Solon made it so anyone could seek justice for someone who illegally wronged.
                          3. Arts
                            1. Art for Visual Beauty
                              1. Minoans first to use art strictly for looks and not religion.
                              2. Drama: Plays of tragedies & comedy
                                1. Aeschylus tragedies first known plays
                                2. Poems used to tell knowledgable stories
                                  1. Homer's Poems of the Illiad and Odessey
                                  2. Sculptures to depict important people
                                    1. Huge Athena sculpture in the Parthenon
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