baroque and classical melody PATTERNS!


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baroque and classical melody PATTERNS!
  1. melodic inversion
    1. turning the tune upside down
      1. the same intervals are kept but they go in the opposite direction
      2. imitation
        1. repeat a phrase with slight changes
          1. one instrument or voice imitates another and then overlaps.
            1. changes:
              1. imitation with modulation
                1. overlap starts in relative minor
                  1. one octive higher
                2. retrograde
                  1. playing the tune backwards
                    1. playing the notes in reverse order
                      1. if you switch the notes so they're in reverse order and inverted it becomes a retrograde inversion
                      2. sequencing
                        1. repeat a pattern, vary the pitch
                          1. keep the pattern start on a different note, higher or lower.
                            1. rising sequences go up in pitch
                              1. falling sequences go down
                              2. ostinato
                                1. keep one pattern the same, change the rest
                                  1. one pattern is played over and over again. the rest of the piece changes around it.
                                    1. it could be in the
                                      1. bass line
                                        1. melody
                                          1. chord pattern
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