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This is my mindmap
Brice Keller
Mind Map by Brice Keller, updated more than 1 year ago
Brice Keller
Created by Brice Keller over 6 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Tim Green
    1. Characters
      1. Coach
        1. Harrison
          1. Becky
            1. major
              1. Mom
                1. Mrs.Goodfrey
                2. Setting
                  1. Home
                    1. football field
                      1. School
                        1. Hospital
                          1. doc smarts house
                          2. Main Conflic
                            1. Harrison just joined the football team and he is really good but then the is diagnosed with cancer. And then he lost he had to amputate his lower part of his leg and he has to fight the cancer off so he can still play football.
                            2. Theme
                              1. If you do good, good thing will come to you
                                1. Never give up never stop trying
                                  1. If you never give up and never quit you will achieve your goals
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