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Demonstrate transferable business skills


Transferable skills in a business
char knight
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char knight
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Demonstrate transferable business skills
  1. Fashion systems
    1. Fashion systems such as Fashion GPS and Fashion Monitor enable me to work effectively in the workplace.
      1. This is developed through using company systems such as send outs and returns which is closely linked to fashion GPS
        1. Most industries in fashion will use Fashion GPS and Monitor so this has given me an advantage for my future career in the industry.
    2. Business Awareness
      1. Having an awareness of your competitors is essential as you will always need to know about new products which companies are bringing out or services which they are offering to a different or wider market, this is essential so you can keep up with competing business' and not lose out on profit.
        1. Being able to adapt to any business and understand their competition is essential, when keeping up with their competition you need to be able to analyse their new business strategies and if you already go to the company with these skills then t will make the job a lot more time and cost effective for you and your employers.
      2. IT Literate
        1. Being taught how to use lots of different computer softwares and using them effectively under pressure in the work place. Also having previous experience of Microsoft and Apple software enables you to work effectively on the job.
          1. Being IT literate is essential in any job as most business now use computers and IT softwares to communicate with clients and in company systems which make up the running of the business. By having these skills you will be able to pick up the workload a lot easier, however if you are not familiar with a company system then you need to be able to adapt and learn quickly.
        2. Flexibility
          1. Working overtime and coming in early to your placement
            1. This lets us experience a normal working day and ensure we are ready for a normal working day.
          2. Verbal Communications
            1. Talking to staff and clients over the phone
              1. Verbal communication is important to convey as clients are important to the business. Sending products to the correct addresses and negotiating prices is a key.
            2. Problem solving
              1. When a manager isn't around then you will need to figure out what to do in a difficult situation by yourself. e.g... packing an urgent send out or creating a UPS delivery form when the courier arrives.
                1. This enables me to think effectively in whatever situation i will be in, whether it is dealing with a customer or a team member in the future i will be able to solve the problem quickly and effectively.
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