Battle for the Biosphere

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Battle for the Biosphere
1 Factors
1.1 On Vegetation
1.2 Temperature
1.2.1 Affects plant growth
1.2.2 High Latitude=Cold Less concentrated heat
1.3 Precipitation
1.3.1 Lots at low pressure belts Equator & medium Latitude E.g. UK
1.4 Local Factors
1.4.1 Altitude temp decreases 6.5 degrees Every 1000m in height Little vegetation on high mountains
1.4.2 rainfall Higher altitude = more rain
1.4.3 Drainage In river deltas and area with impermeable rock and soil Marshes and Swamps are present
1.4.4 Soils Little influence Alkaline soil More ash and beech trees
2 Goods and Services
2.1 Biosphere Provides:
2.1.1 Goods For Commercial use & Survival Exploited by Transnational Companies Timber Meat/Fish Biomass for Energy
2.1.2 Services Maintaining Biodiversity Atmospheric Gas Balance Water purification
2.1.3 almost everything for indigenous people
3 Use of the Rainforest
3.1 Ecological Uses
3.1.1 Watershed protection
3.1.2 Soil erosion control
3.1.3 Climate and weather regulation
3.2 Commercial Uses
3.2.1 Logs
3.2.2 Industrial uses
3.2.3 Charcol
3.3 Subsistence needs
3.3.1 Fuelwood
3.3.2 building poles and housing
3.3.3 green medicine
4 Rainforest Threats
4.1 Catergories
4.1.1 Immediate E.g. Logging Tourism Pollution
4.1.2 Root Causes E.g. Poverty Debt Pressure for reasources
4.2 Tourism
4.2.1 High density
5 Degradation
5.1 Direct
5.1.1 E.g. Cattle Ranches logging Road Construction
5.1.2 In Bazil Area the size of France is Protected Less demand for reasources Since recession Forest Code has been reinforced
5.2 Indirect
5.2.1 Global Warming Causing Plants to flower early Temperature increase Warming Arctic Tundra
6 Conservation
6.1 Global
6.1.1 The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Treaty to stop... Trade in products from endangered Species Elephant Ivory
6.1.2 RAMSAR Wetlands Agreement to protect wetlands
6.2 National
6.2.1 UK Sites of Special Scientific Interest Ntional Parks Community Forests
7 Kilum-ljim
7.1 Sustainable Environmental Development
7.2 Cameroon
7.2.1 Africa
7.3 Home to lots of natives
7.4 Under pressure
7.4.1 From... Farming Logging for Timber
7.5 Project Started
7.5.1 BirdLife International
7.5.2 To create sustainable forest reserve
7.5.3 Worked with locals
7.5.4 They... Marked out the forest reserve area Developed rules for sustainable use Set up unit to manage forest Educated people about... Replanting trees Safe levels of hunting and logging Ecotourism Small scale Created zones For.. Hunting Tourism Conservation Set up tree nurseries Afforestation
7.5.5 Aim to conserve forest so.. Future generations could use it
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