Memory Aid Sheet (MAS) Development

Carren Tatton
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Carren Tatton
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This is suggested path for Memory Aid Development at College Level - Developed by Sheridan Collage Learning Strategist.

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Memory Aid Sheet (MAS) Development
1 Work with Instructor throughout
1.1 Before Each Class
1.1.1 Review Readings, Preview Slides
1.1.2 What might you need reminders on ? Dates New Words and Concepts Processes or Sequences Names Theories Formulas and Numbers
1.2 After Each Class
1.2.1 Narrow content (Stop Light)
1.2.2 Create Questions on Unknown Content (Quizlet or Cue Cards)
1.2.3 MAS Notes Compile rough notes on content that might be made into reminders
1.3 1-2 weeks Before Submitting Aid
1.3.1 Further study and processing of rough notes/content Create summaries Work with questions Study Group Exercises Diagram/flow charts
1.3.2 Further narrow content from rough notes after self-testing
1.3.3 Process rough content into clues/cues
1.3.4 (Option) - After test review make final choices on content for Aid
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