Characteristics of life

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characteristics of Life

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Characteristics of life
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1.1 made up of cell
1.1.1 which are the basic unit of life which may be multicellular such as plants and animals which may be unicellular such as bacteria
2 2
2.1 grow
2.1.1 which means to increase in size or number of cells
2.2 reproduce
2.2.1 which may be sexual consisting of two parents
2.2.2 which may be asexual consisting of one parent
3 8
3.1 adapt over time
3.1.1 which means to adapt over time such as cacti which have adapted to dry conditions found in the desert
4 7
4.1 being highly organized
4.1.1 such as cells -->tissue--> organs--> organ systems--> organism
5 6
5.1 changes in the environment
5.1.1 due to changes in the enviroment such as changes in light, temperture, or water
6 5
6.1 maintain a stable internal environment
6.1.1 known as homeostasis such as regulation of body temperature or blood glucose levels
7 4
7.1 obtains materials for energy
7.1.1 to fuel chemical reatctions which creates one's metabolism
7.1.2 by capturing sunlight for the process of photosynthesis evolve
8 3
8.1 genetic code
8.1.1 which means organisms resemble parents because DNA passes from parents of offspring
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