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Jerome Bruner

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  1. Born in 1915
    1. He is a cognitive and developmental physchologist
      1. Brought together the works of many. In particular Vygotsky and Piaget.
    2. Three stages of learning
      1. The inactive mode which involves physical action
        1. The iconic mode when for example a child uses a banana for a phone
          1. The symbolic mode when a child represents experience through symbolism
      2. In practice children show Bruner's theories on play through:
        1. Actively through play
          1. iconically through building and painting
            1. and symbolically through language(written and verbal) and numbers
        2. Scaffolding
          1. The importance of social and playful interactions between adults and children.
            1. The process of scaffolding is adults helping children to move towards where they intend to achieve from where they are.
          2. GLOSSARY
            1. Scaffolding: process by which an adult or more experienced learner helps a child to take supported steps towards their goal.
              1. Spiral curriculum: revisits ideas repeatedly building upon earlier learning
                1. Enactive representation: understanding is developed in action as children handle objects, play and move.
                  1. Symbolic representation: abstract ideas, including language use, can be used to represent the world around
                    1. Iconic representation: children begin to create mental images and may not need physical reminders.
                      1. LASS: Language acquisition support system. In other words, a mother.
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