Changing Settlements in the UK

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Changing Settlements in the UK
1 Changing Urban Areas
1.1 London
1.1.1 London's population is starting to increase again due to.. migration within the UK migration to the UK ncreasing birth rate
1.1.2 Success of the Olympics
1.1.3 most people work in service industries
1.1.4 lots of tourism and entertainment
1.1.5 regeneration of docks created jobs not one dock workers could do
1.2 Liverpool
1.2.1 Used to be large active docks not used as much
1.2.2 high unemployment
1.2.3 low rate of business start ups
1.2.4 5 out of 10 of the poorest communities in England
1.2.5 regeneration of the city centre and waterfront
2 Contrasting london
2.1 Canning Town
2.1.1 Newham
2.1.2 expensive housing for those on low income
2.1.3 in 2001... nearly half working age adults had no ualifications 21% of the population had poor health
2.1.4 high % of minority ethnic residents Have little english
2.2 Richmond upon Thames
2.2.1 high average income lots of high skill, high pay jobs
2.2.2 lots of open space
2.2.3 very expensive housing most people who work there don't live there
3 Expanding London
3.1 London population is growing
3.1.1 city grows more land of surrounding countryside is being lost
3.2 increasing price and demand
3.2.1 or housing for business space
3.3 Chelmsfod
3.3.1 commuter village good travel to London
3.3.2 cheaper than living in the city
4 Improving Newham
4.1 location of Olympic Park
4.1.1 aim to regenerate area create and upward spiral of improvment rebrand the area
4.1.2 creating new homes
4.1.3 jobs
4.1.4 draws people
4.2 Pre 2012
4.2.1 rundown, derelict brownfield site used to be industrial sites
4.3 Problems
4.3.1 jobs more people on low skill, low pay jobs than high pay high skill ones
4.3.2 Housing house prices have increased but wages haven't
4.3.3 Enviroment Pre 2012 Was dumping ground polluted land from chemicals and waste ugly
5 Rural Living
5.1 Used to be mostly farmers
5.1.1 now only 1.4% of population
5.2 changing
5.2.1 increase in counter urbanisation
5.2.2 growing being suburbanised
5.2.3 increase in second homes and holiday lets
5.2.4 Closed pubs schools shops not enough people
5.3 changing villages
5.3.1 commuter village e.g. Terling, Essex
5.3.2 retirement village e.g. Roseland Parc, Cornwall
6 Cornwall
6.1 Problems
6.1.1 low income due to: remotness a no go for big companies full time jobs declining in fishing in farming in mining
6.1.2 youth are leaving because housing is expensive due to the demand of holiday cottages little economic oppurtunity boring
6.1.3 access to services is poor long way to hospital not many schools have 6th forms students have long journeys
7 Scottish Highlands
7.1 Kinloch Rannoch
7.1.1 remote upland village
7.2 problems
7.2.1 isolation
7.2.2 bad travel expensive & infrequent trains
7.2.3 lack of services due to low population
7.2.4 jobs mainly in tourism mostly seasonal forestry farming
7.2.5 few jobs for the young
7.2.6 common in all of Scottish highlands
8 Green Belts
8.1 open land round cities
8.1.1 here development is restrited
8.2 stop sprawl of cities like London
8.3 protect surrounding countryside
8.4 don't work very well
8.4.1 reenbelts are often where motor ways are bulit
8.4.2 housing is still being bulit
9 National Parks
9.1 Aims
9.1.1 To conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of an area
9.1.2 to promote sustainable use of natural reasources understanding and enjoyment of an area sustainable economic and social developments of an area
9.2 The cairngorms national park
9.2.1 skiing and snowboarding are main attractions sometimes too warm or too wet now have chair lift open in summer have cycle track
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