Storage Device

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Storage Device
1 Magnetic tape
1.1 Used to backup file servers
1.2 type of access = serial/sequential
1.3 magnetic storage medium
1.4 magnetic storage medium
1.5 very large amounts of data can be stored
1.6 not normally used by home users
2 Floppy disk
2.1 size = 1.44mb
2.2 type of access = direct/random
2.3 used to backup small files
2.4 Not very popular, better alternatives available
2.5 data accessed slower then hard disk
2.6 magnetic storage medium
2.7 used to transfer viruses
3 Fixed Hard Disk
3.1 type of access = direct/random
3.2 magnetic storage medium
3.3 size greater than 2 terrabyte
3.4 very popular backup device
3.5 holds large amounts of data
3.6 data can be read from and written to
3.7 advantages
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