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computer studies things
1 the main function of a ps4 is to get the best gaming quality you can get so does the xboxs but they don't have the best gaming quality and the playstations
1.1 the thing a desktop or laptop does is it can play any game with the best graphics and has all sorts to do on it that cant be done on other things
1.1.1 a ipad is for quick access and can get good apps is good for looking for chips recipes and can talk to friends easily
1.2 the home essentials are like washing machines and tumble dryers which there job hints in there name
2 Timmy is looking for a console to buy but cant decide he wants good graphics and brilliant games the ps4 has the best graphics and even some of the best games
3 the main function of microwaves and cookers and other kitchen equipment is to cook food or to serve food or5 to do other stuff with food and these can be found in Argos, AO, ikea etc. and there cost is different across different things so a cooker can be £500 and a microwave could be £25.00
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